During Stay

  1. Food and/or drinks will be served only in the appropriate area using the tarp to cover the carpeted area.
  2. No cooking is allowed under any condition. Warming of food is permissible using designated microwave ovens provided by the Masjid.
  3. Brothers can sleep in the designated  area in the basement sister’s area only during the night.
  4. Brothers are not allowed to use wadu area and bath rooms on the sister’s side, even if no sisters are present.
  5. Sisters are not allowed to use wadu area and bath rooms on the brother’s side, even if no brothers are present.
  6. During daytime sleeping bags and other belongings should be stored in the storage area provided by the Masjid’s administration.
  7. Washing and hanging clothes in Masjid is NOT allowed; please ask one the local brother/sister to assist in this matter.
  8. Keep the refrigerator clean.
  9. Keep the Microwave clean.
  10. Clean up any spills.
  11. Keep the restroom/bathroom clean.
  12. No outside cooking equipment is allowed.

Before Leaving

  1. Make sure no open containers are left in the praying area.
  2. Make sure no food/drinks are left in the refrigerators.
  3. Clean up any spills.
  4. Clean the microwave.
  5. Clean the refrigerator.


  1. No cooking is allowed in the Masjid (except for the travelers)


  1. Clean and fold tarp used to cover the carpeted area.
  2. Throw away all the trash and put new bags in the containers.
  3. When containers are full, throw container trash in the outside dumpster.
  4. Clean the Microwave both inside and outside.
  5. Make sure NO open containers are left in the praying areas.
  6. Make sure NO food is left in the refrigerators and clean the refrigerator.
  7. Clean up any spills.
  8. Vacuum/mop the area.